The Blues Trilogy




I am blue under the cavernous boulder

tired, worn yet awake with you on this virgin soil


we play with dragonflies on the mist

Intense. The smoke rises to the skies


cerulean cannot hide under any colour

so I gather crystal ferns from the rocky shelter


Teal. Your eyes are sad and weary in the rain

we know once the showers stop we must part


yet you spin sapphire dreams that briefly hover

we lie entangled wary, fearing for what is to come after

and see that fatal light filter through the latticed cover


With what fond hope my love did we look for landmarks

remembering old times we fancied were forever.





We are suspicious beyond our narrow quarters

we barricade faith and trust, lock them in chains and fetters


we condone each other under duress

for it is our common sins that hold us to each other


be sure the heat will come again

all dry and sere about the flowers


even as we prod numb flames over the embers

then we’ll look for the word that was given in earnest


promises meant,  loyalties not yet forgotten

then we’ll tear at the barricades that we knowingly secured


recall, that vision swift, clear and silent

yet nameless on the edge of this burning forest


but now no words are left in whose arms

we leave our loves behind relying

only on those distant days we spent dreaming together.





We are both barefoot this warm and tender night,

I summon desires and diamonds from the dust


the moon will rise again

all huge before the wind


the stars descend amidst the fireflies

the twilight has come and gone away with the treasure


So I will go splintering before the air and seek

the ghosts of our dreams beneath the cinders


This insanity is hard, wavering, altered

lost in broad daylight yet upon us like a deluge tonight


To what end did we refugees miss our chance and turning

we capsize our boat willingly into the mute waters

it sinks silently out of sight.


(first published in The Bombay Review – A Journal of Literary Things : Jan-Feb 2016)


8th AUGUST 2015: Revisiting the Lost Poets: PEN@Prithvi

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra once said, “Poets die, are mourned by other poets, and the matter ends there. A year goes by, then a decade, and nothing appears to tell the reading public why the poet deserves to be read and how he fitted into the larger story of a literature to which he spent a lifetime contributing.”

In the August PEN@Prithvi literary encounter event we’ll be revisiting the ‘Lost poets, the ones we forgot about’:

Gopal Honnalgere, Srinivas Rayaprol, Lawrence Bantelman, Kersy Katrak, Geoffrey Hann, and Vilas Sarang

 Date: 8th August, Saturday.
 Time: 6:30 pm Venue: Prithvi House, (1st floor),
 Opp Prithvi Theatre, Juhu Church Road,
 Juhu Bombay 400049

Readers: Menka Sivadasani, Anjali Purohit, Dominic Alapat, Samantak Bhadra, Trisha Kumar and Barnali Ray Shukla

The session will be moderated by Anjali Purohit.

some images from the event –

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