PEN@Prithvi: Saturday, 9th March 2015


invites you to its PEN@Prithvi session for May 2015: Coming Home to Writing: A CONFLUENCE

In our May 2015 session, a set of emerging writers from different disciplines and domains – including Anjali Purohit, Barnali Ray Shukla, Devashish Makhija, Dion D’Souza, Dominic Alapat, and Jennifer Robertson – will come together to share their journeys.

They will discuss the experiences that continue to shape their writing, as poets, fiction writers, film-makers, script-writers, translators. They will talk about the blurring boundaries between the various mediums they explore as creators of art; the interstitial spaces they inhabit; and the trajectories they often take before arriving at a poem, a story, a screenplay. The writers will also reflect on the seminal works that have shaped and influenced their work, process and world-view. Jennifer Robertson will moderate the session.

General Secretary
The PEN All-India Centre


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